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There is a need for better control and performance review of all British government projects and the quality of the innovation effort, its commercial or market impact and better risk sharing with the private sector which must be carefully considered.

The market is an environment in which the consumers are constantly making choices between products based on their price and the quality of service and unless a product can satisfy a want at the right price, the product is likely to be unsuccessful.

Companies which do this may be rewarded by for example being added to government procurement programs. This dissertation has attempted to conduct a literature review and analysis of published literature related to project management theory and the management of British government projects with a view to studying important themes related to the reasons for project failures that are to be found in the published literature.

The French and British Aviation Ministers subsequently signed a draft treaty which required both the countries to contribute equally to the development of the supersonic aircraft and to share the Concorde project essay of the sales of such an aircraft equally.

Radical innovations involving systems built out of many components will most likely result in many component level innovation efforts. Government of the UK. Currently, there are two traditions of research which have developed along with their terminology, methods and techniques and these traditions have been referred to by different researchers with different names such as qualitative or quantitative traditions in research, humanistic and scientific traditions or the positivist and phenomenological traditions of research.

On the level of nations, money is after all an indicator of the effort that the national government and the nation as a whole are willing to allocate to certain areas of national interest.

National Audit OfficeThe construction of nuclear submarine facilities at Devonport: In such situations it is the mission - oriented project itself which generates the requisite pools of knowledge to provide inputs into future developments Conesa,Pp 3 - Sources which have been selected on the basis of their merit as well as relevance must then be carefully studied and important themes have to be filtered out of the published material in order to conduct a discussion of the nature of evidence in the field related to the better management of high - technology projects and the management of project risks related to government funded projects as well as trying to enhance the quality of project outcomes in the interest of the public whose funds have been utilised to fund the projects.

In certain situations when there has been a desire to radically reinvigorate industry and to inject new capability, the mission - oriented mega project has been attempted.

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For large technology projects, benefits can be had by involving competent personnel from overseas industry who can bring new insights and skills.

The product development body of knowledge must include Total Quality Management in the design of the new product so that the product can meet the expectations of the customers for years to come.

It was felt that the literature review was the only method which could possibly produce some meaningful results in relation to the research question, because even those who have been intimately associated with the management of high - technology projects and projects in general on commission from the British government are likely to present only their own points of views or experiences.

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The British Aircraft Corporation Britain and Sud Aviation France were responsible for building the airframe and Bristol Siddeley Britain and SNECMA Francewere delegated with the responsibility for the development of the Olympus jet engines which were to propel the aircraft at supersonic speeds that were significantly faster then that of sound.

It is likely that the experiences, observations and opinions of the many will very likely provide the right answers to the research question. As a purely business concern, the Concorde failed because it could not pay for itself.

The Concorde project was behind schedule and cost far in excess of what it had been envisaged that it would have cost to develop.

The Japanese have cars, the Swedes the mobile phones, the Americans have the computers and the British have excelled at defence equipment in terms of quality.

It has been mentioned in the literature that the British government invests heavily in science and technology and it is the duty of the government to ensure that the heavy investment results in the maximum benefits in the form of jobs and prosperity for the nation.

British Airways and Air France, the two airlines operating the Concorde were not making money on their Concorde operations. Thus, this form of research is aided by review of literature.

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Some dimensions of product quality which have been described in published literature include product specifications and operating characteristics, the life cycle and reliability of the product which has been designed, how well does the product perform in accordance with safety requirements and design standards, the engineering, manufacturing and quality costs as well as the production conditions for the manufacturing of the product as well as the maintenance and service requirements for the product.

Hence, attempts to generate real quality and marketability into products in a European context are likely to be more expensive unless the senior managers in a project instil the concept amongst researchers that products have to be market successes and this may require expanding added efforts by the team which may not be rewarded in terms of monetary compensation in order to ensure that success is achieved.

On the other hand, a large supersonic aircraft design which was required to fulfill the civilian safety requirements could provide insights into very many other aviation designs Feldman,Chapters 1 - 2. Methodology As has been mentioned in the previous section, a systematic literature review holds the best possible solution to being able to discover why so many British government projects are mismanaged.

There is a need to create pools of knowledge and the research or design infrastructure. Hence, there appears to be a failure on the part of the British industry which cannot seem to come up with products that perform and deliver to the expectations of the market.

Yet it was felt that the government support of some of the high technology projects was necessary in order to provide opportunities for learning and innovation to British organizations.

It is not possible to deduce an unknown part of a pattern from a known part and, therefore, the symmetry of prediction and deduction uses the deductive model.

The money was made to circulate in the British and French economy by the governments and will have been recovered in other ways. Hence, if after the development of the Concorde engine, it was obvious that the fuel consumption was likely to be too high then the project could have been stopped. Up to five key words were used in order to try and access the internet documents which could be of use in the systematic literature review.

It is possible to express facts as objective reality which can be expressed as quantities. The management of innovation and also the management of high technology projects have been very much refined as human knowledge and experience in relation to the management of such innovations or projects has accumulated.

However, it may be felt by some that such an outcry was perhaps unjustified because the Concorde project did produce the technology for sustained supersonic flight and provided knowledge and expertise for British industry in relation to advanced aircraft design, which had not existed before.

Methodology As has been mentioned in the previous section, a systematic literature review holds the best possible solution to being able to discover why so many British government projects are mismanaged.

Hence, it is very likely that the Concorde project was a ploy by a democratic government to try and justify the expenditure of public funds in a democracy in order to generate new knowledge related to the design of advanced aircrafts.

Office of Government CommerceBusiness benefits through project management London: Undertaking Systematic Reviews of Research on Effectiveness. Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne. The Concorde project Essay by paczka, University, Master's, B, November download word file, 21 pages download word file, 21 pages 1 votes5/5(1).

Below is an essay on "The Concorde Project" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. 1. “The Concorde project can be regarded as a technical and engineering triumph but a commercial disaster.”.

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The Concorde project and later the E-University project indicate that there is a need for establishing project milestones and review points when the performance of a project should be reviewed. The project managers must ensure that the organisational culture is changed so that those involve with the project better understand that there is a.

The Anti-Concorde Project was founded in by Richard Wiggs (a school teacher) to oppose the development of supersonic passenger transport.

Wiggs positioned the Concorde as a test case in the confrontation between the environment and technology. Open Document. Below is an essay on "Concorde project" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Concorde Projects.

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